“A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag” – Billy Connelly

For those that know me, they will tell you that my handbags are in constant order. There is never any digging around for car keys or my phone, certainly no unwanted debris lingering at the bottom of my bag and you will never find last months receipts lurking in my purse.

Whenever I am organising a client’s wardrobe, at some point we come across their handbag collection. Each and every time (and there has been many a times) I am always amazed at what I find. From cupcakes that were ‘saved for later’ but clearly forgotten about, to copious amounts of change that if counted could possibly even have bought them a new bag altogether!

The contents of a woman’s bag is endless and this is why I’m here with my FIVE TOP TIPS to not only help keep your bag in order but also to let you know the essentials that should always be carried around.

1. Keep your bits and pieces in a small cosmetic bag, that way it is easier to pull out and get what you need quicker.

My top items are:
Perfume – Amor Amor by Cacharel is perfect for spritzing throughout the day and can be bought in a handy travel size
Mirror – Food in teeth, reapplying of lipstick, eyeliner smudges… and the list goes on!
Nail File – There is nothing worse than chipping your nail and having it catch on everything and anything throughout the day
Cuticle Oil & Hand Cream – a daily ritual to keep your hands looking young, fresh and moisturised
Deodorant – for the times you had to run in order to catch the train
Lip Balm – because who wants chapped lips?!
Hand Sanitiser – for the times you had to run in order to catch the train, go on the train and touch anything train related

2. Sunglasses are a must especially as the Summer is more or less at our doorsteps. However, if I’m being realistic, then in some months I would suggest sunglasses and an umbrella… because it’s England and you never know.

3. Diary – this is probably the only old-fashioned part about me. Hands up, I surrender, I love a good diary entry. Not the ‘Dear Diary’ type obviously, but the ‘Dinner with the girls’ or ‘Wardrobe Re-style session with a client’ type. What can I say, I’m a pen-to-paper kind of girl!

4. Purse – be sure to go through your receipts on a DAILY basis. If it’s for a sandwich at Pret that you can’t expense at work, chuck. If it’s for a pair of shoes you couldn’t resist buying on your walk to the station, keep… at home, in a file, which you should then go through every three months.

5. Snacks – do not fill your bag with all sorts of foods that you are not only going to forget about but are likely to be left to rot too. Keep it simple with the essentials. For me it’s Vita Coconut Water and a Nakd Bar. Both do the job of filling that hunger pang in-between meals and neither are likely to leave crumbs at the bottom of your bag.

                                                 bag content   card

So there you have it – my top tips to keeping your bag organised as well as easy to switch for those that have a large handbag collection.

Remember – just because you have the space in your bag does not mean you have to fill it.

‘There is no point to lifting weights lighter than your handbag!”



Written by Sara Segal