Back To M.A.C

Forgive me for being a little late to the programme, but this weekend I found out some rather life changing (well make-up bag life changing) news.

‘NO WAYS’ at the ready…

Be it old eyeshadows you have barely touched or a lip gloss that you have used every last bit of, if you return six M.A.C primary packaging products to a M.A.C counter or M.A.C cosmetic online, you will receive a free, yes FREE M.A.C lipstick of your choice.

There is just one flaw in this brilliant, environmental friendly programme and that is the fact that I base my whole being and business for that matter on encouraging others not to hoard. Haven’t worn in it for a year? Give it to charity. Holding on to an item just in case? Pass it on. Old makeup that is just clogging up your drawers? Get rid!

However, having now found out this exciting bit of news, I will not only be passing on the knowledge during a wardrobe restyle session with clients but I will also be holding on to anything and everything that represents M.A.C.

Hoarders at the ready!


Written by Sara Segal