Handbags Speak Louder Than Words

Like shoes, I believe one can never have too many handbags. Regardless of the outfit, the mood, the weather or the food one has consumed the night before… a bag will always fit and without a doubt, will always look good.

Designer handbags are in a league of their own. With a hefty price tag you have to chose wisely but when chosen wisely, they are certainly worth the small investment. As I said to a client recently, they are forever; a collection to be made and with some even increasing in value when they gain the title of being ‘vintage.’

From the hundreds of beautiful pieces of arm candy that are available to buy, I have whittled it down to my top five must haves (this was by no means an easy process):

1. This saffiano tote is a classic and always will be. Over the years they have produced this in a variety of sizes as well as a variety of colours from silver to bright yellow, if this is your first designer investment then I would stick to black as you will never get bored of this beauty.

Prada – £1,260


 2. Balenciaga bags age gracefully, the more wear they have the softer the leather becomes. This bag can be worn over your arm or across the body, however you choose to wear it, there is no doubt it will always look good!

Balenciaga – £1,175balenciaga

3. This mini luggage handbag comes in a variety of colours, but if you are going to buy one why not mix it up and make it a real statement piece.

Celine – £2,050


4. The Antigona bag is timeless and perfectly sized for every day use.  Black is often the obvious colour but when I saw they had produced it in this beautiful cherry hue, I just had to share.

Givenchy – £1,465givenchy

5. If you fancy something a little bit more casual, then Alexander Wang is your man. The iconic Rocco bag is just cool, it’s as simple as that.

Alexander Wang – £732

alexander wang

Oh how the list could go on! Have a fabulous evening all and sweet arm candy dreams.


Written by Sara Segal