It’s a GOOD day to have a GOOD day

Monday mornings are usually for the following:

1. Three cups of coffee and a hot water and lemon (for good measure)
2. Telling your colleagues/friends about all the fun you had at the weekend
3. Seeing to an inbox filled with emails
4. Telling your colleagues/friends about all the fun you have planned for next weekend!

So really, when one of those never ending emails brings some good news, you can put down the coffee, stop wishing the week away and enjoy the moment!!

Having sent an email to a client following up a wardrobe restyle session that took place on Friday, I received the following response:

Dear Sara

I thought the day was brilliant and as I told my husband, ‘the best birthday present I’d bought for myself in ages.’ You are worth every penny!
What I felt is that you were a non-judgemental supportive and honest critic, decisive and thorough.
I feel so much more confident picking what to wear now and because I’m not looking at all the junk in my cupboard when I’m choosing, I can dress quickly.
You encouraged me to wear stuff I’d long ago rejected, so I feel like I’ve got a whole new wardrobe and I can’t thank you enough.

Best wishes

When I receive feedback like this, it reinforces that what I do is more than just about organising a person’s clothes, it’s about giving that person a new lease of confidence to not only wear those clothes  but feel good in them too.

So here’s to every stylist out there, who not only loves what they do but also ensures they leave each client with a smile, a new found confidence and a damn good outfit!

After all, you can have anything in life, if you dress for it! – Edith Head

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Written by Sara Segal