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Organising Your Entire Wardrobe

Stage One

Stage one consists of an initial consultation where we discuss goals, ideas and expectations.
We assess your storage space and set in motion the preparation needed and then set a date.

Stage Two

During stage two, we will work through each item of your wardrobe, evaluating every garment, shoe and accessory, assessing whether they are to keep, give away or sell. We look at all the useable space and assess how best to store and organise your items. We will use existing items to create new looks and give recommendations for key items to purchase.

This process is not about removing every item from your wardrobe, it is about utilising the space and organising your garments to ensure you are left with a decluttered capsule wardrobe, which has been beautifully organised and colour coordinated, filled with clothes and accessories you will always want to wear.

A Personal Guided Shopping And Styling Experience

You no longer have to feel over whelmed by the shops.

This session will take the anxiety and chore out of shopping, as you will learn what works and what doesn’t, saving you time and money on the wrong purchases in the future.

We shop according to your budget, ensuring you are able to fill all those gaps in your wardrobe.

I will pass on some style knowledge in order to help you to understand how to shop, which shops are best for you, which shapes work for you and how to mix and match your new items.

This session will leave you with a clear idea of what works, an increase in self-confidence and a willingness to shop for yourself in the future.

A Personal Shopping package is available for both men and women.

Helping You Pack Up Your Closet For The Big Move

Taking the stress out of moving by helping you pack up your wardrobe in to organised labelled boxes, so the time in between moving home is made simple.

This service also includes unpacking all your items on the other side.

I will ensure you are left with an organised, de-cluttered wardrobe, filled with items you can find and fully utilise.

Partners and family packages available.

A Clutter Free Home

The de-cluttering doesn’t have to stop at the bedroom door as we can continue this throughout your home.

Be it a loft space that is filled with unwanted items, a garage that needs a good sort through or your children’s playroom that is desperate for a tidy, in the same way we would go through the motions of organising your wardrobe, we would do the same with the rest of your home.

Imagine a space that is chaos free in which everything has its place.

Imagine a home that you could always keep tidy. Imagine a home that you were always proud of.

Designed Especially For Your Needs

Seen something you like but it needs tweaking?

Whether it is for yourself, a loved one, a friend or colleague, if any of these services interest you, simply get in touch to find out more.