I, like so many people hate throwing things away and I was still clinging on to items I hadn’t worn for years. I knew that moving house would be a great excuse for a clear out but I just didn’t know where to start. Sara came into my home and with ease and reassurance, helped to organise my wardrobe and I can honestly say this made the entire process a whole lot easier.

My husband and I travel a lot for work and we share a dressing room. As you can imagine with the amount of packing and unpacking that takes place, things get a little disorganised to say the least!

Having settled into our new home we had Sara over and by the end of the day our entire dressing room, wardrobe, shelves and draws were organised and functional. It may sound so simple but everything now has a place and this makes traveling and putting outfits together so much easier.

Sophie, 30, PR & Marketing Manager

As a working mum life can feel very cluttered and busy not just in my house, but in life in general.

Sara came into my home and immediately I could breathe. Stage one was to assess my storage needs looking at what spaces I used in my bedroom. She then went through all my clothes, bags, accessories and even my husband’s clothes and together we assessed whether they were gathering dust or made me feel good.

Before I knew it, my space had doubled in size and I could see what clothes I actually owned. Neat and tidy is an understatement. All the storage made logical sense and the room looks bigger as a bonus.

Sara is a miracle worker, she is able to really look at usable space and how best to store and organise one’s possessions, with an eye for style at the same time.

A very happy customer!

Laura, 30, Senior Conference Manager

Whenever I’m in doubt which is quite often, Sara always has the tips and advice to help me. She has an extremely sharp eye at seeing what will work and what won’t, even by an unclear whatsapp picture.

She has a great passion to help other people look good and actually enjoys giving tips on style and fashion. I am always happily surprised at the amount of patience she has and I always feel that she really cares about helping to choose and decide the nicest clothes best suited for me.

Rina, 28, Gemologist

Having three babies in three years left me with a wardrobe consisting of leggings, baggy tops and clothes that generally didn’t fit.

Once I was ready to buy some new items, I’d just walk around the shops not knowing what to buy or how to wear it. I desperately wanted to look and feel like ME again but just wasn’t sure who I was anymore.

Sara came over to assess my wardrobe, shoes and bags. After just a few hours together my wardrobe was immaculate and I had a clearer understanding of what was missing and what I wanted to fill it with.

Sara and I had an amazing day shopping together. Not only was it successful, with purchases I finally felt ready to buy but she also gave me a new confidence in how to wear it all.

Thank you Sara for making me feel like ME again. I’m finally out of the leggings and shapeless tops and back into jeans, shirts, beautiful jumpers and the occasional dress.

Looking forward to another shopping trip for my Summer wardrobe!

Sam, 34, Mummy and TV Producer

Wow! Thank you for yesterday. I honestly feel like I have a hangover today. Can’t think straight. Just want to keep organising but I’m not at home and now at work. Still….my head is at home decluttering!

I find it’s more fun to get dressed in the morning. I think the changes you made were great and improved the use of the spaces in my bedroom and dressing room.

I am trying to keep it just as you left it….not an easy task! I love my belt box! I love my shoe cupboard. I love that my pyjamas are no longer in the bedside table and are now in a much more practical draw. I would not have done that without your input.

I also appreciate the suggestions for new items, so please continue to keep me in mind if you see a ladylike shoe. I’ll certainly be in touch and hopefully will recommend you to friends and then go shopping with you! That’s the plan so far!

Jennifer, 50, Business Woman and Mum of four

Thank you SOOOOO much for today, I feel thoroughly cleansed! It’s like a massive weight off my shoulders. My bedroom looks amazing and I know it’s now going to open up to me wanting to do every room in the house!!!

I would like some style advice and shopping tips for simple casual things to wear now for the Summer and then come September time, I will be looking for some styling and shopping advice for an Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

It was such a pleasure meeting you and I will definitely be recommending you on to people!

Sarah Taylor, 46, Philanthropist and Mum of four

When I moved into my flat, Sara (aka the fairy godmother) came round to help me set up my wardrobes. The result is an organised, colour coordinated space that makes full use of all available cupboards/shelves/drawers. What’s more impressive is that a year later I have been able to maintain it because it’s sensible and logical. That’s just it, Sara’s ability to look at a room and suggest better ways to organise things is quite amazing. Did you know that empty boxes of washing machine tablets also double up as great storage for pens/sellotape/batteries/all other random bits & bobs. Or that shoe boxes are great for toiletries?! The list is endless and while it might sound trivial, I have found these nuggets of information really helpful in getting on top of ‘stuff’ with the result of a clearer and cleaner living space.

Although I still have Sara over for the annual once over, all in all it’s happy days!

Jo, 31, CSR Manager

Sara sorted and organised my wardrobes before I moved home. I find it difficult to depart with items of clothing, even make-up and accessories. She helped me decide which items to get rid of and which to keep. She organised my wardrobes in a way that they’d never been organised before.

Sara works extremely efficiently and after five hours there were twenty black bin bags full of items that Sara was going to take to the charity shop. My wardrobes were looking super organised!

I felt cleansed and organised and for the next few nights would open up my wardrobes and smile at how good they looked. Sara made the whole moving process a million times easier and I would definitely recommend her services.

Its now alot easier to keep my wardrobes organised, however, I do still ask Sara to repeat the process every six months to give it a once over.”

Nina, 31, Lawyer

I thought the wardrobe clear out was brilliant and as I told my husband, the best birthday present I’d bought myself in ages. You are worth every penny of your fee!

What I felt is that you were a non-judgemental supportive and honest critic, decisive and thorough. I feel so much more confident picking what to wear now and because I’m not looking at all the junk in my cupboard when I’m choosing, I can dress quickly. Further to this, you encouraged me to wear stuff I’d long ago rejected, so I feel like I’ve got a whole new wardrobe!

I will be passing your name on to all my friends! Thanks again.

Katherine, 50, Dentist

Having Sara round to organise my wardrobe was the best decision I ever made! Sara helped me to clear out my old stuff, as well as help me choose a brand new wardrobe. No matter what your budget is, or what your style, she adapts to suit you, and it was truly a pleasure to work with her.

A new wardrobe and style can be intimidating, but she broke it down and made it completely manageable and fun. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Katie, 30, Teacher

Sara, thank you SO much for your amazing advice and encouragement during our shopping trip. You made a daunting experience in to a really fun and relaxing one, which I’m so grateful for. I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen how good you are and am so happy to recommend your services!

I will let you know how I get on with my new purchases.

Claire, 29, Analyst

Thank you so much for yesterday, I can’t tell you how excited I am about my wardrobe! I just keep looking at it and marvelling at the tidiness and order, hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up! It even inspired me to buy a box for all the hats, scarves etc in the hall coat cupboard and sort them out, which I did this morning, so no more bags of too much stuff in there, organised space from here on.

Now all I need to do this weekend is the drawers in the dressing table and change over the hangers when they come, which should be tomorrow. Now we’ve started I want to completely finish the job with those last few bits!

Thank you so much again, I will recommend you to people and anyone that asks!

Helen, 42, PA

Sara, I would like to thank you again for all your useful advise during our shopping trip. I really enjoyed myself and I think I absorbed some of your self confidence and style, as now when I’m shopping on my own I don’t always need a second opinion.

I not only get compliments at work but most importantly, glances from my husband in the morning!

Orit, 35, PA

I thoroughly enjoyed my shopping trip with you. It gave me a new enthusiasm for clothes and I felt very excited by some of your suggestions. It felt great having items picked out to try on, which in the past, I would not have selected myself. I appreciated that you acknowledged my budget and after you left I went back to purchase some of the items I had tried on earlier, in fact one of the dresses was an absolute hit at the wedding I went to over Christmas.

When in the past I have stayed away from the shops, the time flew by with you and I could have carried on shopping for hours.

Rachelle, 37, Teacher

Sara, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for helping to make our Charity event such a huge success. You were great on the evening and everyone we have spoken to found it useful and took away some helpful wardrobe and style tips.
You are enthusiastic and have a great way about you and obviously understand what you are selling and I think that the product is a great one and should appeal to people as gifts for themselves or as the ideal pampering gifts for friends or family; the fact that you package it into individual components i.e. the wardrobe restyle and the shopping experience, gives people more flexibility depending on their budgets. I’ve no doubt you will continue to be a huge success.

Sarah, 41, Sales Manager

I wasn’t sure about the whole concept of a ‘personal stylist’. Was this an admittance that I had no sense of fashion? That I was somehow failing in my pursuit of being the perfect metrosexual?! No. I simply wanted to speed-shop and in less than two hours I was able to get the items I needed at a fair price.

I briefed Sara with my requirements, which was a jacket and a few summer tops, and she was able to lead me to an array of suitable sections from stores I previously knew little about.

In short, Sara pieced together my ideas and made them into a terrific outfit! It was hugely worth it, as I got more items than expected for my money.

James, 34, Journalist

Before I had my wardrobe and style session with Sara, I was a lady who lived predominately in black and occasionally brown, for my sins! Having looked through my wardrobe, organised my clothes and utilised my hanging and folding space, I felt like I could breathe again, as she made me feel comfortable and totally at ease.

I am a lady who is now far more experimental and enjoying living my world in organised colour. My session has definitely had an impact on both my professional and personal life and I believe that I have gained confidence in both these areas.

Grace, 52, Staff Development & Training Manager

Thank you Sara for the most wonderful job you did. You managed to do the impossible!
Not only do I love shopping but I also have a very big walk in wardrobe, which most definitely accommodates my shopping habit. The problem is, I never throw anything away, even if they no longer fit or are completely out of fashion. After ten whole years (no exaggeration) my wardrobe was completely bursting with things that I no longer wore and some even with labels still on them. I had no idea what I actually had in there and found myself wearing the same ten items over and over.

Although I am an organised person in life, my wardrobe did not reflect that, as I had left it so long I just didn’t know where to start. This is when I spoke to Sara who said she could help.

She came over, took everything out of the wardrobe (and I mean EVERYTHING) and we went through each and every item, placing them into three piles; give away, bin or back in my wardrobe on matching hangers.

After six gulling hours we had filled eight bin liners, in which Sara would take away and give to a worthy charity.

I was left with a colour coordinated, organised and categorized wardrobe. I honestly cannot thank her enough. I now know where everything is and love opening up my wardrobe doors, walking in and just looking at how good it looks, it feels like a boutique!
Everyone needs a Sara clean out at least once in their life!

Chloe, 34, Hairdresser Specialist