Top 10 Tips For Packing

Packing lightly is not a term to be taken lightly (excuse the pun)! Every time I’d check in at the airport a big orange ‘heavy’ sticker was firmly attached to my case and I’d stand there feeling proud in the knowledge that in the case of a holiday fashion emergency, if I needed it, I had it. It wasn’t until I returned home from a three week tour around Italy that I realised, I had only worn half the items I originally took with me yet still had to lug round everything else.

You might be surprised when I tell you how often I get asked for some top tips on packing, or the times that I’ve been at a clients house helping them pack for a holiday because they just can’t face the thought of it. For some it comes easy but for the majority the excitement of going away is somewhat dampened by the idea of when to pack, how to pack and most importantly, what to pack?!

Here are my top tips to ensure that your holiday starts the minute the suitcase is pulled down from storage, dusted off and the clothes start to go in…

1. When to pack?
Start to think about what you are taking away with you a week before you are due to go. Place all the items to one side of your wardrobe and ensure all the washing is up to date. Any last minute items needed can be purchased that week, stress and panic free.

2. Pack methodically
To ensure that nothing is left behind go through each section of your bedroom, starting with drawers, shelves, cupboards and ending with the bathroom cabinet.

3. How to pack?
Start with clothes (preferably darker items at the bottom) then place shoes, toiletries and any other smaller items at the top, that way there will be no wasted space in and around your case.

4. Pack in sections
Day clothes, evening clothes and pyjamas/gym clothes should be separated into three piles at the bottom of your case. If you are not unpacking immediately or even at all throughout your trip you will know exactly where everything is, so no need to be turning your case upside down!

5. Duster bags and shoe bags are a packing pros heaven
Underwear and bikinis should go in separate duster bags and all shoes should go in shoe bags (or atleast a plastic bag). Smaller items such as electricals, makeup and accessories should all be put in a suitable sized vanity case making them easy to locate.

6. Zero spillage
All toiletries should go in a toiletry bag with the obvious liquids wrapped in a sealable food bag for extra precaution.

7. What to pack?
Lay all your clothes out on the bed that you plan to take with you and then try everything on, eliminating anything that doesn’t work as a complete outfit. Think in terms of colour to ensure that you can be versatile and reuse the items you decide to pack.

8. Go all out with swimwear
It is more or less the only time of year you get to wear them, so there is no limit (other than the actual weight limit). Swimwear is fairly light and will all go into one duster bag taking up minimal space, plus this is good for padding out the sides of your case so the more precious items such as jewellery and makeup do not get squashed.

9. The final touches
Once all your outfits are laid out on the bed, begin to match the final touches i.e. shoes, bags and jewellery, ensuring that the majority of your outfits can be teamed with similar shoes and accessories. The ideal would be two pairs of shoes for the day and two or three pairs for the night, three necklaces and a couple of clutch bags.

10. Finally and most importantly – don’t forget your passport!

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Written by Sara Segal